Garden Maintenance

We are here to help you keep your garden looking good in every season!

Our garden maintenance service focuses on maintaining the colour, form and structure in your garden and will bring you joy for many seasons to come. We can advise on existing planting schemes or develop new designs for your borders.

garden maintenance service

Qualified & experienced

Our approach is personalised to you and your garden setting. We will advise on pruning regimes, the right time of year, re-plant borders to an agreed planting scheme and keep to an overall vision so you can sit back, relax and enjoy how your garden will grow and evolve from season to season.


Our founder Christine Wilford, garden designer and passionate plants woman, will come for an initial consultation to discuss and review your garden and listen to your ideas. 


Following that consultation we will provide you with detailed advice on the best approach to bring your garden back to life. 

We then agree on a maintenance regime according to what is needed and what you want to invest. Your garden will be tended to by our team of experienced, qualified gardeners.