Planting Design

Planting design is a fine art. The success of planting depends upon combining form, colour, texture and scale. Our style to plant is relaxed and easy and can be introduced to any garden space. We respond to the greater picture of the garden setting and our emphasis is on pollinator friendly plants. Herbaceous perennials and grasses in combination with structure providing shrubs are the ingredients for lush, interesting and rich in texture planting schemes.

garden planting design plan


During the initial consultation, we will discuss the look and feel of the garden and can design an entirely new planting scheme or work with what is already existing in the garden. We look at soil type, moisture levels and orientation in choosing plants to
ensure successful implementation no matter what the conditions are.


A planting plan with plant schedule is produced. GreenArden design will source and supply all plants and plant. Advice on irrigation systems can be given and if required added to the scope.


Please note: This service excludes major redesigning (shaping) of borders which would be an additional service.