Garden in South Devon – National BALI award winner 2023


Our garden project Herons Reach in South Devon has won a BALI 2023 national landscape award!


We are excited to share this recently finished garden project in South Devon, a plot which faces the river Yealm and is set within ancient woodland. 

The brief

  • Aspect of the garden: north-west facing with ancient woodland bordering the back of the property. 
  • The garden extends north-west along the whole length of the house facing the estuary and wraps around the sides forming a small courtyard, planted with Bamboo, visible from the living room, and on the other end leading towards the entrance. There are some smaller levelled areas extending into the woods which have been used by the previous owner to place a swing and a garden shed. 
  • A steep driveway is leading around a planted hillside towards the house with parking on a mid level. The surface of the driveway is tarmac. The driveway is framed with young evergreen Griselinia plants on both sides.
  • The garden is completely secluded and not overlooked, surrounded by ancient woodland which forms an important part of the property. The view towards the estuary with the moored boats is spectacular and the property extends down to the estuary river with its own mooring. 
  • The ground steeply slopes down from the terrace level to the access road and further beyond towards the mooring landing and is planted with a variety of deciduous and evergreen shrubs and 
  • Small trees, mostly Cherry laurel, Fuchsia, Cotoneaster, Leysesteria and a few blue flowering Hydrangea macrophylla varieties.    
  • The house has undergone substantial refurbishment and the outdoor space was developed to tie in with the new interior and connect with the setting of the place .