Garden to entertain and work from, East Molesey

With many people re-evaluating their work/life balance and companies encouraging working from home, the client wanted a multi-functional garden room to accommodate a tranquil home office as well as provide an extra space for entertaining. They also requested a generously high ceiling to give a beautiful ‘open and airy feel’. We were brought in while the works on the garden room were underway and worked with a specialist company who designed and built the home office and we designed the sunken terrace for entertaining and connected the new space with the existing Edwardian house. The home office building has also a green sedum roof as it is visible from the upper storeys of their house.

The sunken terrace is laid with limestone, and the low surrounding walls are glad with a thin porcelain veneer. The fences were renewed, most plants taken out and replaced with a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials providing interest throughout the year. A stepping stone along the lawn connects the main house with the home office as this will be used all year.

Completed in 2022

Garden office by

Images provided by Simon Firullo, owner of Paradisi