Large garden with hot tub and outdoor kitchen, Weybridge

The garden is facing southwest, benefiting from an open, sunny position and large area of lawn.

An overgrown shrub border was cleared to allow for positioning a hot tub, seating area and outdoor kitchen. This allows maintaining the large lawn area while adding herbaceous planting borders to focus on and bring interest through colour throughout the seasons. The new seating area is used as an informal lounge area, enjoying drinks while the cooking is under way, from where to enjoy views into the garden.

New planting borders will soften new paving areas, frame the lawn, provide focal points and will add interest throughout the seasons. The existing borders along the boundary have been retained, improved and re-shaped.

The existing terrace in front of the main living area of the kitchen has stayed untouched and will be refurbished in phase 2 of the garden project.

A large beehive water feature forms the focal point from the house and is nestled between the plants.


Completed in 2021