Feature in RHS magazine – The Garden

the RHS magazine The Garden

Feature in RHS magazine – The Garden

Christine Wilford of GreenArden Design was recently featured in the RHS magazine, The Garden. Packed full of ideas & tips, it’s great read for some garden design inspiration.

RHS magazine, The Garden

Summer in the city

Balconies, rooftops and tiny courtyards can all become a lush oasis in which to unwind. Here George Hudson talks to homeowners and designers who’ve transformed their small urban spaces.

The riverside retreat

  • Owner: Lynda Beament
  • Designer: Christine Wilford
  • Location: Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
  • Age of garden: 4 years

Lynda says:

“When we first moved in we temporarily filled the balcony with a mix of pots from our previous garden. It was randomly arranged and there was nothing nice to look at in winter. I wanted an outdoor space with linear shapes that would reflect the architecture of our riverside development. It was important to me that we preserve the stunning views outside the sitting room. I envisaged a contemporary style that was fairly neutral so I could change the flower colours each season to suit my mood and create something that matched the minimalist interior.”

Best bits:

“We’ve used the same planters inside and out, creating a seamless transition from interior to exterior. Outside, they’re spaced apart, not only to let in more light, but also to allow glimpses of the view. For this reason we also chose lower-growing plants, such as a dwarf pine (Pinus mugo Pumilio Group), Agapanthus, silver spear (Astelia chathamica agm) and a clipped Japanese pittosporum (Pittosporum tobira agm).

“Selecting the largest possible containers for the space has helped maximise what is possible. We can grow larger plants, and they’re happier than being stuck in tiny pots. As the balcony faces south, we have an irrigation system that we use in summer to stop containers drying out. The garden is easy to care for – in spring we cut back ornamental grasses and remove any damaged tree foliage; in summer it’s deadheading; then in autumn we shape most of the shrubs.”