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Homes & Garden Magazine feature Surrey

Feature in Homes & Gardens

GreenArden Design was featured on the Homes & Gardens website. Which features the latest Design & Decorating Ideas.

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Courtyard garden ideas – 18 ways transform an enclosed space

Courtyard garden ideas can be tailored so that however small your space, a purposeful, good-looking backyard can be the result. Ideally, they should combine elegance with low maintenance, too.


Even the smallest courtyard or terrace can make an enticing outdoor space with a little care and attention. Backyard ideas like visual tricks, good lighting, interesting planting and comfortable seating can play to the strengths of even the most awkward or compact of courtyard gardens.

2. Create A Seamless Link Between Inside And Out

A small courtyard design lets you extend the interior aesthetic outside with complementary hard landscaping and boundaries. Choosing just two or three landscaping materials that match the scheme inside the house is a stylish interpretation that pulls everything together.

‘In this courtyard garden design, the clean, crisp and strong geometrical lines of the paving and raised garden beds, softened by lush and architectural planting, echo and complement the mood of the interior, creating a seamless transition that removes the boundaries of where the garden begins and ends,’
says designer Christine Wilford of Green Arden Design.

The design of boundaries of small gardens is crucial as they are permanently on show. ‘Painting the fence dark lets it recede into the background whereby the attractive planting will hide and blur the boundary, and makes the garden space appear much bigger.’


The stunning water feature idea adds an eye-catching focal point that draws the eye into the space.